Coaching for Sustained Performance

The hours in the day are limited. Your ability to succeed is not. Learn to leverage your behavioral drives and strengths to optimize personal performance, lead world-class teams, and drive organizational excellence.  


"Keziah played a critical role in helping our firm pivot effectively at a difficult time due to massive industry disruption. Happy to say we achieved outstanding results as a result of her guidance, and remain deeply grateful for her insights!!"

— Jennifer Burhnam-Grubbs
   CEO, Quantum Insurance Services


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About Keziah

Keziah Robinson, CFA is a business strategist, coach, and investor with over 15 years experience working with CEOs, founders & executive leadership across multiple industries. She is the founder of Cassia Partners, an independent advisory firm with expertise in growth enterprises, pivots/turnarounds, and intrapreneurial corporate initiatives. Keziah's tailored approach to coaching incorporates elements of design thinking and behavioral science. 


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